So it Goes

Time is not on our side
It’s a war lord
Can’t buy time don’t you know?
So it goes

Break down at the front of the queue
Their eyes are green, and their minds are blue, it’s a show
Do they know, the way from here?

Kick down the door to the floor
If they’re coming for me, they’re most certainly coming for you
Nothing new, all slaves here

Destiny on a killing spree with Infinity and they own a part of me,
Complete, they should keep the receipt,
cause we’re damaged goods and its daylight robbery

Time is not, on our side,
It’s a warlord
Can’t buy time don’t you know?
So it goes

It’s free but we’re stuck at sea,
It’s a death trap
can’t turn back don’t you know?
So it goes

Take down in the blink of an eye,
the bank of sand is running dry, it’s a fraud
And a flaw, is built in.

Shakedown and committed to crime,
stealing souls and killing time, it’s a joke
It’s all cloak-and-dagger

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