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‘Thorns’ our new EP is out now on all music platforms.

Featuring Smithy (Vocals, Guitar), Si (Bass), Del (Drums), and Sam (Guitar), THE FIRES BELOW were born in 2022 and pool from the energy and vigour of punk rock, the fury of metal, the groove and swagger of stoner, and the technical proficiency of djent. The end result is outright immense and deeply formidable. The band’s biting debut EP, Masquerade, landed last year and hailed the quartet’s arrival in supreme fashion harvesting widespread reviews, extensive radio play, and notable critical acclaim.

THE FIRES BELOW charge forward again with their breaking new EP, ‘Thorns’, which manages to stand above the foursome’s impressive debut. Expressing five prime cuts of delectable heavy rock that pound, shift and bury their way into your senses, the band have certainly delivered on every single front. Vocalist and Guitarist Smithy comments about the process for the new record: “With more experience, we’ve pushed ourselves creatively. This EP really plays to our strengths that we discovered playing live. We mix elements of punk, desert rock, alt-metal and djent for an intense yet melodic cocktail of riffs and emotion. Blast it as loud as you can until the neighbours complain!”

Listen to us on Spotify and all other streaming platforms also our music is available to download on Bandcamp.

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Special Thanks: James Gillett, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Anna Smith, Rogue Studios London, Audio Underground.

Photo credit: Daniel Lincoln, Luke Jernejcic, Caitlin Wynne, Martin Jaroš.